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Aug. 7th, 2012 01:06 pm
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So, since EVERYONE is canceling on me and I suddenly have nothing to do when I should have had a busy day, I'm of course watching some Bob Bryar. Elusive. I will be adding to this post if I find something else fun.

- Bob is bored.
Bob: Buckets. Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa... could time go any slower..... Oooh bottle!*smacks Frank* lalalala.......
Keith: I thought this was the bathroom.

- Bob is slashed.
Do you guys have any fetishes?
Bob: Beards.
Int: Yeah? Turns you on?
Frank: Just with each other.
Bob: *facepalm* OMG one of us needs to shut up...

Int: Who's the class/band clown?
M&GWay: Bob Bryar.

- Bob talks.
Bob:I'm bored... bored bored bored... oh fuckit.*fanboys Muse*

- Bob drums.
Vic Firth, artist spotlight. There's a part in the middle that's pretty far away but other than that it's all a closeup on Bob playing.

- He loves his band.
This is the interview where he talks about his epic angst over not drumming and how MCR saved him and Gerard has glasses of "I hate you all" and then Bob smiles and everything in the world disappears. ...creepy fangirl says what....
Thank [ profile] mrsquizzical for the nudge.

- He drums some more.
Black parade solo.
Thank you [ profile] lupilups for the reminder.

- Growing up.
Bob: I liked to put things apart.

- Random.
Bob: *giggle*

- This is why.
Bob: Fucking get that fuckin' piece of shit off of me!
Bob explains why this list even exists.

- BB's solo project.
I know you've seen this vid, but has your mother?

- How Bob.
Frank: He had a career, he had a good paying job.

- Bob warrior.
It's all funsies until he shouts and I go all "holy shit yes!"

- Bob on fire.
Bob: I kinda felt I was starting to get burned...
Gerard talks a lot, but Bob tells his part of the story too, so, you might wanna start watching at 0:30, 2:45 or 3:50.

- History of Bob
Bob: My band.
For me, the sound doesn't work in HQ but it does in normal quality

- Toilet paper.
Bob: Schechter! Come here now! COME HERE NOW! NOW!!
I'm kinking on his shouting

- Bob tortured
Interviewer: Bob, tell us about yourself.
Bob: I don't get paid enough for this shit.
Interviewer: Gerard, tell us about Bob.
Gerard: He doesn't get paid enough for this shit.
Bob (4:51): *sending Gerard mental messages*
Smoking (and failing to do it off camera) :)

And there's a strange moment at 3:56-3:59 where I think he's saying "oh FUCK OFF already" in his head, but maybe it's something else, I dunno :)

- Bob about injuries
Bob: And I didn't wanna fuck that up... sorry, didn't wanna screw that up.

Has been removed and I can't fid a new copy yet :( About Rammstein.
Bob: Teehee, they come in a white limo with fat suits and rock out and leave! Yay! *fanboy flail*
Gerard: It's obviously a statement about mass consumption...
*These are not direct quotes
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