Aug. 19th, 2015

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Listen up, Dylan Marron is making people angry and fandom isn't paying attention to him, so I'm gonna help you out.

This is his person:

Since there isn't a lot about him out there, I think this article where he talks about how he got into acting is a really good starter.

TLDR: He's a proud Neo-Futurist, born in Venezuela, WTNV fanboy, only child, gay.

I guess a lot of us learned about him from Welcome to Night Vale so I'm gonna start there even though I that's chronologically incorrect.

Dylan is the voice of Carlos on WTNV. He is Cecil's scientist boyfriend - this is all about Carlos, spoilers ahoy. He got hired after the first Carlos quit because they didn't want a straight white guy playing a gay poc.

This is Carlos with Cecil, one OTP to rule them all <3

Warning - Dylan is a known fourth wall breaker.

Some time before or during the Night Vale gig (look, for someone who isn't a Doctor Who fan, I take a very Doctor Who approach to time) he starred in Whatever This Is - an online show (FREE!) about a group of friends and flatmates who are trying to make ends meet doing shit jobs. FEATURING: LGBT* people and romance, a straight guy who has no idea what's going on, hypocrisy of people who hire sex workers, asshole bosses.

I watched the whole show and really liked it btw. I'm not usually into indie stuff because they tend to fill up time with people sitting on buses and looking out the window a lot which is like... i know the budget is low but come the fuck on, but this show doesn't do that so give it a shot! WATCH ONLINE

And, I guess before all of this, he co-wrote and starred in a live show called Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite which was hilarious, from what I can see on youtube :D From their facebook page: "Dylan Marron (Welcome to Nightvale, 2015 Drama Desk Nominee) and Jo Firestone (TCGS, WFMU) bring you Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite, an entire, real-time middle school talent show performed by two grown adults.
17 characters. 2 actors. 1 middle school talent show."

He wrote some other shorter plays which you can see on his youtube channel that I'm not gonna link you to now because I wanna talk about something else first, so just have some videos of interesting plays he did - "Got Nothing In My Brain" which is... scary true and "A Sentiment Expressed in the Structure of Every TED Talk" which is also true but mostly hilarious :D


So, I promised you angry people, right?

Well, recently Dylan started doing some editing. Specifically, he edits out Every Single Word spoken by a person of color in movies. The last thing he did was Harry Potter, the whole movie series... and he got 6 minutes of poc speaking. Comments on his facebook are all about statistics of POC in Great Britain in 90's and it's amazing. Other movies feature numbers like: 6 seconds, 1 minute, 90 seconds, 40 seconds, 14 seconds, 19 seconds... you get the point. So you can see how this is making people pissy. It's glorious. 
Frankly I can't wait for him to do Stonewall. 

And now I link you to his youtube channel. And his twitter. Aaaand the Every Single Word tumblr

So this isn't a proper fandom Primer, sorry, but it's like, the first chapter in a primer or something. Mostly, I feel like he's not being noticed enough so here we go, fixing it. 

PS apparently he is as old as time itself idek. 

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 I see DW still hasn't fixed its cut problems, i mean, it's been 2 years so i guess they don't even plan to, so i'm not cutting that post at all, sorry. 


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