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So I had this idea about all-women superteam, in which some women have superpowers but those come with pretty shitty consequences.



Penelope Garcia & Felicity Smoak are just regular people. They are twin sisters, separated at birth, grew up under different circumstances but with the same interest in computers. They are both hackers and Penelope is actually a part of this team while Felicity is off in DC land, but she's totally necessary for the story because TENSION!

Penelope is in love with Aisha Al-Fadhil whose super power is that she can track anyone down (If you've seen the movie or read the comic you'll know this is pretty much true) and the power itself doesn't have a problem, except for that one time when she was a kid when someone made her find her father and then killed him. And all the other times people have tried to get her to find someone for them. But other than that it's really useful.

Because I'm a slasher, this has all the lesbian love, so basically working on a case Penelope realizes she needs Felicity's help and Felicity comes over and hits it off really well with Aisha and Penelope hates it and mopes and has gaming tournaments with Felicity in which she thinks Aisha will really care who wins. Spoiler: Aisha doesn't, she's totally into Penelope too, all is well.

Aisha's best friend is Melinda May. They have the same sense of humor and emotional constipation, they spend a lot of time together scaring other people and kicking badguy ass.

Kenzi is the thief girl. She's an amazing thief, because she has the power to not be noticed. Like literally if she's the first one in the kitchen and she's making coffee people will stand next to the coffee machine and wonder why it's turned on before they notice her. She... has a lot of abandonment issues. Aisha is her favorite person just because Aisha's power means she's the only one who always knows where Kenzi is.

There's Mary, the hipster student ghost hunter who lives close by and who was/is convinced that Kenzi was a ghost the first time she saw her and... it's complicated, but she kinda likes her.


Natasha and Sif are just their badass selves, except Sif's superpower is super strength and it's great, until she accidentally breaks people. Natasha can handle her though and they are together and eventually they hook up with Audrey who has a really messed up power (she travels back in time and can only do it once and only 24h back and if she makes it better or worse, she has to live with it). They meet when Audrey messes up the timeline and needs their help to fix it, of course.

If you read this, you'll notice the main problem in writing this fic is that it has no plot. But I really like the characters so whatever :P :D 

I keep adding and removing women from this, I really want Ziva here and I think Jessica Pearson would make an excellent Fury-type character, and Parker from Leverage etc.


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