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You know what, I had this whole post on casual cross dressing and Deadpool & Bollig and masculinity vs being such a badass mofo no one would ever question it, so are you “getting away with it” or “challenging the social expectations” planned, but instead, just have all the things that make me think “cross dressing Bollig!” and Shaw tripping over his feet to blow him.

So meet Brandon Bollig (BrAndon):

He's 27 years old

From USA (St. Charles, MO)


Enforcer for the Chicago Blackhawks

That means he fights a lot


But he's been working on his scoring and now he's doing really well and everyone is super proud of him <3

He has a twitter and he's not shy about giving you his opinion (so if anyone links him to this I will find you) and spends a lot of time crying because his teammates can't spell for shit. I think if anyone has a chance of teaching Toews when to use “I” and when “me” it's Bollig.



This is Bollig doing what he wants and being who he is and sometimes it includes things that make me wanna see him in panties and a dress:

I don't know if he waxes or if he's naturally massively hairy all over his body EXCEPT ON HIS TORSO.

Ok 1. ignore the facial hair horror here, he's a hockey player, they can't help themselves 2. I KNOW HE'S HURT but I have friends who spend like an hour in front of a mirror trying to get that line just perfect and it's also kinda purple so all I'm saying is IMAGINE if it were makeup and over both of his eyes.


He blushes like a baby, ok? So, humiliation kink? More makeup kink? I DON'T EVEN CARE. PUT HIM ON HIS KNEES AND CALL HIM PRETTY SO HE BLUSHES WHILE YOU PUT MAKEUP ON HIM, THERE.

On one hand, I am legit sick of men dressing up as women for Halloween. On the other hand, I want picture proof of this.



Sadly that is all from him directly. Now this is a few random photos that make me think of him and slow discovery and finding a right person and hard hard fucking (pics chronological because I love me). - Finding body types that fit hockey players is really hard. Most people who exercise got their upper body big and their legs stay kinda... medium sized or whatever. Hockey players tend to have GINORMOUS thighs and assess. So none of these pics is perfectly sized, but then, Bollig isn't Crosby, so it's not as far off as it could be.

Not even panties, just casually trying on someone's stockings and it feels awesome but pinches like hell on all that hair.

He comes all over himself anyway.

He manages to get his hands on some panties next time and it feels so good he stops himself from coming three times before he just can't any more.

I'm thinking he gets caught like this, just rubbing against the bed when he forgets to lock the door and Shaw comes in and chokes on air.

This is the first thing Shaw buys him, off-season, so he can wax all over and it doesn't pinch any more. He gets on his knees and waits.


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