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Real life news! Most of you know I'm living in Germany now. I've been learning German since I got here and it's pretty good now, so everyone tells me. So I found an "internship"... it's an unpaid thing where I sit in a travel agency and learn more German, how to work in their software and just generally get some experience. Since I need to get a work permit for that, I started gathering papers and... idk, I worry :/ If I'll have all papers, if they'll be on time and most importantly, if it'll be approved because being a new country in EU, we have a lot of limitations. But we'll see. 
I'm supposed to start June 1st. So if you see me crying because I failed, give me hugs and a ticket to Canada. 

I kinda sorta decided I want to start a podcast where I talk about fannish things and life and music and... idk, like a blog but without writing. So I bought a cheap account (I mostly did it to see if I can, because I had bank issues because my bank is still in Croatia... ANYWAY) and it's all set to go and I even know what I want/ed to talk about and then I just didn't record it because I SUCK. 
I'll try. Ugh. 

Also, I'm sorry to everyone who follows me anywhere because everything is hockey and everything hurts. I'm following three teams that are still in the playoffs - Canadiens, Blackhawks and Penguins. - not in that order tbh. They are all doing ok... which means... sooner or later they'll meet. And I don't know which is worse, choosing (and failing to choose) who to root for (except Sid, always Sid) or the fact that all the games are set at 1 or 3am my time and I start the internship before the playoffs are over. 
I haven't slept in a week. 
I'm going to slay the Rangers if they don't stop aiming for Sid's head (I'm looking at you ginger Staal.)

Oh hey interesting bit of information I found out. Apparently red hair used to be (? I never heard it personally) connected to Jews (because there's a lot of them living in an area that has mostly dark haired people, not because they are overwhelmingly ginger) so technically ginger hate could be connected to antisemitism? I'm really curios about that. 

I now have google play and buy things there because Germany is really annoying. And I just bought the book "Who cooked the last supper" by Rosalind Miles. It's the book you see quoted on Tumblr often, with a buuunch of stories about women throughout history. I started reading it and so far it's really interesting and easy to read, I recommend. 

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