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May. 16th, 2014 10:11 pm
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I know we live in a Sid/Geno and PK/Price world, but have you considered.... PK/Sid?

Sid is ridiculously fond of PK, and isn't afraid to show it. PK doesn't even bother being coy about how much he loves Sid. Hasn't since day one really. (I will provide evidence, hush.)

Now, the media will tell you I'm making shit up because Sid is a good Canadian rule riding robot (lololol) and PK is the wild child who doesn't respect his seniors and doesn't play the game white, excuse me, right enough.

Everyone was super upset when he dared chirp Sid on ice, Don Cherry probably cried because black people are allowed to play hockey and I don't even know how Pierre lives with himself now that he let PK kiss him after he offended his favorite so harshly. Btw is you look at that link with the shots of PK chirping Sid, you can see exactly how many fucks Sid is giving. His field is barren.
So here's how that story developed, and it's one of my favorite hockey stories ever, as told by PK:

"This is something I'll remember for the rest of my life," he said. "My first game last season against Pittsburgh, I had that game circled on my calendar because I knew after we beat them out of the playoffs [in spring of 2010] and shut the Igloo down and did all that great stuff, I knew the first time we'd play Pittsburgh the following season that Crosby was coming for me. Because in that playoff series, I was in his face, same with Josh [Gorges] and Hal [Gill]; that series was so emotional. Nobody knew who I was at that point. They were like, 'Who is this guy skating all over the ice, he's hitting guys, chirping after the whistle?'

"I knew that Crosby was coming for me the following year. The first shift, I go behind the net and I got hammered by Sid. The crowd in Pittsburgh goes nuts. After the whistle I bump him and he goes, 'I've been waiting all day for you.' And I went, 'I've been waiting all summer,'" Subban said with a hearty laugh. "He just kind of nodded and went to the bench. I love playing against a guy like that. Not only because he's the greatest player in the game but because you can just see the compete level on him. He's a world-class player."
Now what media don't seem to get, but PK does, is that Sid fucking loves hockey. He loves all of it. The scoring, yes, but also the chirping, the fighting, the dirt, the drama. If he was only into scoring, he could have played literally any other sport because in his free time he hits home runs and blushes about it. He's an athlete. He chose hockey because he loves hockey. He's a little guy with amazing hand-eye coordination so he doesn't spend him time on ice fighting, wow, shocking.

That said, I think Sid is the type of guy who would in normal circumstances also respect the hierarchy. But I think he really gets where PK is coming from and why he is the way he is. And that second paragraph is all respect. from Sid to PK and in the way PK talks about him. If there had been anything shitty about that interaction PK could have just not said anything.

Also PK enjoys being hammered by Sid.

Now all this narrative is great but what first got me thinking about these two wasn't anything anyone said, it was the post Olympics hug. Look, we can talk about this forever but I firmly believe Sid doesn't like to be hugged by strangers in non-goal situations. I don't know if he's a cuddler during movie nights, but his body language when he's hugged by players not Malkin is usually pretty Jesus why. His bff, who supposedly really knows him, bumps him and shakes his hand after a playoffs loss even as they hold up the whole line to spill emotions all over each other.

Gif by darthtulip

So PK's post victory hug is awkward. He's just so in love with his captain in this moment (I don't even mean romantic love I mean, this dude captained us into gold - in love) and he wants all the cuddles, but Sid isn't Tazer, hugging is hard, he's tiny and his arms are clearly in "ok, we're being hugged, we can do this!" mode. But he's fucking there for it! He's still laughing! He's shamelessly ridiculous!

And the reason for that is partially gold, but partially also this:

(talking about Colby Armstrong) Off the ice, he is irreverent and jocular. It is no coincidence Crosby gravitates toward him. 'I look at my friends from junior or now, the pattern never changes. There are always those kinds of guys. I don't think it's by fluke,' Crosby says. 'When you're around each other, you know what's going on, whether you're having a bad day, a good day, that kind of thing. Those guys are guys who keep everything light, and [it's] kind of always a good feeling to be around those guys, just guys that are fun to be around. Sometimes, you can't do the things that they do, so I always kind of live through him sometimes.'"
Sid needs fun people in his life, and who's more fun than PK.
Meanwhile PK wrote the self insert Crosby fanfic way before the game started.

Talking about PK makes Sid smile!

Have some pics!


Crush harder, PK.

There is absolutely no way Sid cracked that awesome a joke.

But somehow PK missed the "Sid isn't funny" memo.

I have no idea if the cut will work, as always with this code, so here's hoping.

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