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 1. I wanna write about pro lgbt*, pro bdsm, occasionally crossdressing, always make-up-wearing punk band All Directions. With, y’know, ridiculous tattoos (basically as they are lol) and hair in all colors and painful piercings but then there’s Niall who just doesn’t want any of that and everyone is fine with it because they are all inclusive whatever. And Zayn sometimes goes by Zanya and ‘they’ pronouns Harry wants to bang them either way, and they all play some instrument and write angry music about being queer in the music industry (also just Pansy Division type songs) and people love them and corporations just can’t figure out why. And ot5. 

2. So I have a bit of a hard time shipping canon Deadpool/Spidey because of reasons, but here’s what I’d go for.
HS AU where Peter is not a superhero, just a guy raised by his aunt, skateboarding around with a camera, making really good photos and Wade is a new kid in the school who has a shitload of scars, even on his face, only one living parent and a hell of an attitude because of people’s reactions to his scars.
They meet when Wade saves Peter from bullies because he secretly wants to be a hero. I don’t want Peter to grow as a person because wow he realizes that despite his scars Wade is a lovely person, fuck that shit. I want Peter to be annoyed by Wade’s behavior through it all, but still like him and understand him. And Wade is annoyed by Peter’s teenage drama attitude about everything but still likes and understands him.
They snark at each other a lot and it would be funny if there wasn’t so much insecurity behind it all but then Peter stops Wade from getting in a fight that would end up with someone dead and Wade is angry but Peter doesn’t give a shit because he wants his snark-buddy there, not in prison, and Wade has no idea what’s going on but apparently they have a date now and they just keep being shitty, sarcastic asshole all through it and Wade nearly punches Peter in the face when he goes for a kiss. Instead he just leaves when he sees that Peter is serious about it. And Pete tries but fails at giving him space so they end up on another date and a few more before anyone tries anything again and this time it’s Wade doing the kissing and Pete makes happy noises. 
I want Peter to see and recognize the scars and learn the difference between “I don’t care about them” and “they don’t matter” because to Wade they will always matter and Peter is not the magical penis who can change that. Wade lets Peter take his photos, then stays up all night airbrushing his scars away in Photoshop and shows it to Pete and Pete says “but I don’t know this person.”
When Wade learns about Peter’s parents he finds a way to make peace with his parent who he’s been in mutual neglect with since the accident that left him scarred and killed the other parent. I want Aunt May being all kinds of wise and kind while Peter tries to grow up and be in love and fight his bullies and not cry about his parents and uncle Ben because he’s a grownup now okay, but then Wade hugs him and he cries anyway.
I want Wade and Peter to both grow up, stay together and become the messed up adults with their own problems that we all are, instead of being suspended in comic time forever. 
I can’t write this because I don’t trust myself to not romanticize the scars, I don’t even trust myself that this summary doesn’t already do it. But I would read the shit out of this.


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