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Edit: Let's put this on the start, maybe... Something on the actual game, look at me being an adult.

Ok, so I'm gonna start with Sidney Crosby because he's my favorite even though I know you'll like Kris Letang best - no primer :( but have a pic of him:
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Part 1

24. January 2007 is also when an All-Star game happened in which Ovechkin and Sidney played together. And they lost, but fun was had.

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This is my first primer ever and I'm absolutely brand new in hockey fandom (seriously, I still don't know half of the rules of the game). But I had a hard time figuring out the timeline of his life (which as we all know is very important) so I decided to make a handy list and then it grew. For fandom purposes I'm callingueg this a primer. :P
What that also means is that I'll probably add to this every now and then, and also this will be long. LONG.

I think competence is a major turnon and reading all the awards he picked up is kinda like reading porn for me, but there's so many of them that I'll just occasionally list the few fun ones and the rest you can read on wikipedia.

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Part 2
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 I just know there are thousands of stories about them but I'm not finding any online. Does anyone have any Sidney related things?
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 This shit is gigantic. What am I doing.
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 So yeah, I'm definitely doing a sidney crosby primer, unless one pops up in the time it takes me to make it because dude has had an exciting life. I wouldn't mind some handholding though if anyone's for it?
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 Ugh, can we talk about how this actually happened? He was a tiny wee amazing baby and parents of others players threatened him until he had to switch schools? Who does that?

Also a lack of primer on him makes me cry and I want to fix it but new fandom and what if I fuck it up.
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ACTUAL TITLE: Crosby Toews Vidspam DW wouldn't let me post.

Crosby at Entry Draft

Baby Crosby being a baby.
If you're 30 seconds in and you're thinking "I've watched this porn," you're me.
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 Yes, Dreamwidth, that's EXACTLY how I wanted that post to look. How did you know. 
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I want to introduce you to two guys I'm kinda starting to obsess over at the moment. They are awkward and overly serious and faily and BRILLIANT at their work. You know how I love that, and I know some of you do too, so I'm sharing it with you.

Sidney Crosby (1987)

Jonathan Toews (1988)

So the way I understand it is, when Brilliant Hockey Players turn 11 they get a Hockwarts letter and are taken from their homes and families and put into a rink where they play hockey and never socialize with anyone ever until they are 30 and then they retire. Idk, I'm new to this fandom but it seems factual enough.

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And, if you find anything about Sidney even a bit interesting, I have a fic that you might love if you like domestic schmoop and can also handle the surrealism of everyone in the world (of hockey) being pro-gay-yay. Taken by the Sea is Sidney/OMC, long, wonderful and I love it with a passion of a thousand burning suns.
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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. 
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Mo'Horizons is a German DJ duo. Wiki says it best: Their music can be described as a mixture of downtempo, acid-jazz, nu jazz, soul, funk, dub, trip hop, big beat, bossa nova, boogaloo and drum'n'bass. 

Alive Tonight is my favorite of theirs and one of my favorite songs ever. Like, if I ever make a list of my 100 favorite songs, it would be on it. It has a slow buildup, then some weirdness in the middle, than it just goes awesome by the end. 
Yes, it's almost 8 minutes long. :) 

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 LoL, so even if you're totally not into this fandom at all and have no idea who these people are (Hockey, yes) please go read this primer, it will make you love life just a little bit.
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Often his art has accompanying text that I find interesting. Like this:

I translate it roughly as "Thus I become the scarecrow of my own fears." 
(Correct me if I'm wrong.) 

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I think I posted this once before, apropos nothing, but here, my favorite poem ever, by Sergej Jesenjin*, one of the last ones before he killed himself.

- also under cut, love story in poems 

Trigger warning for talk of suicide

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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I'm doing this, yo! 

Or, well, I'm gonna try to do it. 100 things seems a bit more than I can figure out, but that might just be the point, making myself see all the good things in life.

Unlocked? ... idk. Let's leave it so for now and see.

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OMG I have the plot! I HAVE THE PLOT!
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It's not a fic though, it's a playlist, based on a fic that so far thankfully only lives in my head. It's split in 3 parts, because I need proper into music dammit. So the first part are Loki's songs before Martin, the second are Martin's before he meets Loki and the third are the two of them together, though from different points of view.

Download link.

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So I'm working :) Which is why I'm only doing the instant gratification of twitter :) I'm working in that center for women's studies, but I'm also translating something for a friend (being paid in food) so I'm basically working a lot. But, I did a good enough job at the office that they asked me to stay for two more weeks! Yay! 
Also, the last time in sign language class I was asked to lead the class while the prof was off doing something else, so I'm feeling quite competent and also scared that I'm going to mess it all up.

In fandom news, I'm reading lots of Eames/Arthur from Inception, because even though I think it's the most boring movie ever (I finally watched it) they write some awesome BDSM there.

I was also going to visit a friend in Maribor, Slovenia, to get her to watch Sherlock. But now due to my job and her brother getting the flu I might postpone it until either the next weekend or some time after I'm done with the job.

It's -10C (14F) here, it snowed and I'm happy :) 

Gonna go a bit down the list now and see how you all are doing :)
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I need to change my flist look because your nicknames are ... somewhere not logical at the moment and I can't figure out who's writing half the time.

Yes! Much better!


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