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I don't understand why I apparently never read any of [ profile] torakowalski 's bandom fics. I just realized the only reason I knew her name was because I read like 90% of her SGA fic.  There's a Brendon/Spencer that looks interesting, and then I'm gonna give the Brendon/Shane a shot. 
But first I gotta go pay and apply for my exams. Fun times, fun times. 
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I've been catching up on the videos, especially Spencer and Brendon ones and they are so adorable :D Well, Brendon is adorable, Spencer is bored and cooler than you :)

And Cobra Starship (i think) guys listening to The Young Veins and pretty new pictures of Patrick and Bob =

Some very important stuff came from all this catching up:

1) Brendon/Wolverine OTP (The Hugh Jackman version, of course)

2) Bob.

Seriously [ profile] daily_ryan , [ profile] daily_patrick and [ profile] daily_bob are communities that make me happiest :) They're so simple, just a pic or spam every day :) Yay :)

3) I had a moment of complete and total insanity when Brendon said "Oh yeah, I watch Community" where my brain went "SO DO I! IT'S LIKE WE'RE CONNE..." and then sanity kicked in again. But it was a close call. I could feel Spencer glare at me disapprovingly. It was like we were conne... shit. *g*

Also, found this website, which is so fing cool. ( for various reasons but mostly because it has this:
2004 - August - 11th - Gerard quits drugs and alcohol
2004 - August - 18th - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The Trocadero with Face To Face; Bob Bryar's first show

And I saw some of you reccing old and new fics and I'm gonna get on those next :)
ETA: I don't read Bob/Ray. I know, sacrilege, but I'm 'meh' about Ray and I pair Bob up with Patrick. (Which, btw, I got a shiny fic written for me here by [ profile] firedragon9 :) ) And I think this pairing is epic not only because I really like them both, heh, but also because the fights would be amazing :D Bob would be all "whatever" and Patrick would huff and puff and then they could be ridiculous together. But I'm gonna go read a Bob/Ray now because I like the summary and I'm all about Bob getting some :)

In TMI warning section, watched gay porn which featured a Unicorn of its own, a happy bottom. So rare to see the bottom stay hard all through the sex in porn, it was awesome. Not as awesome as my OTP of porn land, but close enough :)

No LJ cut... because I'm an evil spammer :)
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 My fandoms collide on twitter!!

SPN meet MikeyWay )


Aug. 20th, 2009 12:03 pm
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 Seriously. PATD fans need to get together with MCR fans and show them what to do with a drummer. This needs to be on care2 or some place like that.
Stop killing baby seals
Save *insert currently unjustly imprisoned journalist/politician/activist*
Teach MCR fans to take photos of their drummer

I volunteer to make visual aid. 

I'm going home today! Videos! Apparently there's a new cover song by Brendon too.


Aug. 8th, 2009 10:17 pm
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 So, basically I did some money-work today, yay! And then I dug through my gigantic playlist on youtube and found some more Bob cause I decided to turn this post here epic and just go crazy on Bobness. 
Chrome hates LJ so I did HTML manually, thus, if there are any problems pls let me know. ... Sometimes I forget to close tags :) 
Now I should finish the work and go to sleep. *stares at 8 pages of text and frowns*

And, it's gonna be Bob vs Spencer in the drum-off tomorrow and I'm gonna do the same thing I do on our elections and NOT vote, tho for different reasons. Can't they just make up and make out? :)) 


Aug. 5th, 2009 06:05 pm
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I think I might be done with the transfer of photos and posts from old LJ to this one! I'm gonna take a day long break and check again but I even remembered to fix links on some communities where I posted. (Which, btw, if you get notifications about that, I'm sorry.)

While doing that I've been thinking, and there's really no politically correct way to phrase this so here goes...
I wonder how all these huge buff dudes, cops, security etc, feel protecting these tiny little, did I mention tiny, people from their creepy fans. Like when they see some girl crying and screaming Brendon/Pete/Frank/insertyourtinydude's name reaching out to him and all. I wonder if they even like the music. I kinda think they all either develop motherly feelings, like Zack Hall, or resent them somewhat.

Cut for 2 pics )
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Why am I up before 6? What gives, brain? 

2 things I realized at some point yesterday. 

1. I was setting up photos for cellphone wallpaper when it hit me - I'm apparently pissy at Brendon and/or Spencer. Why?? I have no idea. Maybe it's a leftover from the coke thing and everyone saying "of course they left if Ryan's a cokehead!" and me thinking "ummm.... friends!?" and maybe it's just a defense thing from how everyone was against Ryan and Jon. But now I'm all maybe Brendon is secretly evil and all the adorable we see is just for show! And then why is Spencer with him? *suspicious gaze* 
It needs to go away and die in a fire 'cause I love Spencer and Brendon dammit! :( Then again, I haven't listened to either of the old albums since the breakup. Maybe it's PTSD :)
 Hopefully it'll go away now that I wrote it down.
It kinda did. I feel better now. And also don't wanna be team picking. My love for Ryan Ross really has nothing to do with teams :)) 

2) This is the first time since Ryan started writing that I'm on board with his influences. Oscar Wilde makes me want to kick puppies, Chuck Palahniuk makes me wanna kick him, The Beatles bore me, Closer (which I bought and read by accident many years ago and then watched the movie too also by accident *facepalm*) was an ok "book" but hardly something I'd quote. Ryan turned it into lyrics I love so that's ok and was always a little fascinating. But Mark Twain I love to bits. The Mysterious Stranger (the Medieval Austria version) is one of my favorite stories and other than that, I pretty much read everything of his that I got my hands on. 
So this new album will be a fun ride! 

"there is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream - a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought - a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!" 

Hell yes.

Jul. 29th, 2009 11:09 pm
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 The fact that none of these guys, now apparently lyricists included, know the difference between your/you're their/they're/there it's/its etc it really starting to bug me. I was ok with just one of them but now it's a flood of illiteracy that is really bothersome. Why is this so hard for 20+ yo people? 
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Will not post Ryan's picture too will not post Ryan's picture too will not post Ryan's picture too ...
Anyway... I'm still overlistening to the song but now I'm doing it on my mp4 :) I do think I'm gonna need lots of Blue October music, and I mean the angry, child-abuse and schizophrenia songs, when I'm over this high. I can only do so much happy music before I start twitching. Let's see how much exactly.


Jul. 8th, 2009 07:46 am
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I was watching a gigantic interview/biography thingie by MCR yesterday, and it hit me how young PATD were when they got together. How many friends I've walked away from inspite of all the crazy and painful stuff we shared, and vice versa. 
I listened to the Hillside Session song. I liked it. 
I said once to my friend I'd read Ryan's lyrics if they were in a book. I still would. 
I love Brendon's voice. 
I love Spencer's drumming.
I loved both AFYCSO and Pretty.Odd.  
I'm gonna follow them all. :) 

I wish Jon wasn't so heartbroken. I wish Ryan was happy. I wish they could all get more positive and less whiny comments. I wish people stopped blaming Ryan for being happy everything. 

I love how Pete Wentz handled this. Seriously. Okay, his excitment over the ! is not helping the whole "gay" situation :P :) But other than a friend, this was the only person who managed to ease my mind about it all. Like, if he says it's gonna be alright, it's gotta be true :) The man has been through enough shit to know. 

So whatever. I expect incestuous news about new Panic! and Hillside Session to start within 6 months.
(Which kinda reminds me that HS myspace stated they weren't signed. How does this work now, regarding FBR and ... stuff)

Agh... there's a buzzing in my ear, if I scratch it won't disappear........ *pokes around*  
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Hey Zack? My parents got a divorce. And all that followed was 15 years of bickering over me until I got lying and faking down to an art. Thanks for the try but please stop. It sucks. It really really does. And maybe some day it won't, and the music might be awesome, but this feeling I have right now? It's not a good one.

*steps out of the "me" bubble* ... on the other hand, if this is how I feel wtf is it like for them? :(  *hopes they really are happy*

And, "fans"?

Meet Dean Winchester and his sawed-off. If you don't stop shitting on Ryan, he will FUCK your shit up.

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"that's hot" really? jesus. I need to start sleeping with girls... or being an uber-bum
I fell in love with a bum
I fell in love with a masochistic romantic with great shirts and a prince's smile.
*g* They are ridiculously adorable and terrifyingly public. 
ION results never came, I have to wait till monday... there will be spam. 

ETA I: Why do people say Pete Wentz can't play the bass except for the fact that he said the he couldn't do it before? I hear no weirdness. Granted I listen to Babyshambles but hey, I listen to Les Claypool too! 


Jul. 1st, 2009 12:41 pm
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The reason I only have a few icons I actually use is that I can't make my mind up about which pics to put on them. It's like I'm making a life long commitment. *facepalm* :)


Jul. 1st, 2009 09:26 am
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*Comment saying Interview Me.
*I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
*Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
*Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

mrsquizzical asked me: )
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Totally not a rant. )

ION - LJ still broken.


Jun. 28th, 2009 10:25 am
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 ...come back only seeder, I'm stuck on 27% and you're gone and the primary seeder is gone and fuck you for annoying everyone until they started seeding and then disappearing the second you got it. You're a dick, a tiny non-functional dick. 

In other news, I have 7 more moods to do! Yay! All done now. Updating instead of spamming. 

ETA:  I hate fics where the writer's opinions reach out and slap you on the face. You might not like Brendon's tattoo, but I doubt everyone around him hates it. You might not like his haircut at any given moment, but that doesn't mean HE doesn't. You might think Ryan Ross is this or that, but I doubt he'd have any friends if they all thought he was a whiny little bitch/evil poser/whatever else. Spencer's beard? Jon's flip flops? 
And don't just take some part of them and make it huge. That's not all they are. It also does not a character make. 
/ ramble 

I did the moodtheme! And I know some of these have inherited value or whatever expression they used there, but I has another pic for every mood. 
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 I like watching how much all the bands love the SURS Steven just because he's genuinely into music and asks questions that haven't been re-hashed hundreds of times before. 

Also yes, I am in your internets spamming your flists but it's gonna be a long weekend so be prepared for more or send me links to awesome videos so I can keep entertained. 

23:11, edited for spam reduction. 

It's so much easier to talk about everything except what really matters to you.
*stares at "Build God..." lyrics* Not that I could really explain why or how much I love it anyway.
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Aaand another Brendon-made-my-baby secret! Yaaaay! :D If ONLY there was some magic that could prove these babies were his, so all these mothers wouldn't have to spend their lives peniless and distrusted! Oh, wait....   

ETA: Brendon made my baby =/= Dingo ate my baby
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I guess some people just do their own special version of "fanning", where they only follow and obsess over things and people they don't like until they start hating them to the point of insanity. I wonder if it's a choice or just something they can't help doing/being.


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