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It's not a fic though, it's a playlist, based on a fic that so far thankfully only lives in my head. It's split in 3 parts, because I need proper into music dammit. So the first part are Loki's songs before Martin, the second are Martin's before he meets Loki and the third are the two of them together, though from different points of view.

Download link.

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"Create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts."

Hm, things I want...

Well, I want more friends who are into Simon Amstell and British TV and Cabin Pressure, who aren't just Tumblr dwellers. The problem is I want them without actually immersing myself into the fandom because honestly, I'm getting as tired of fandom masses as I am of real life masses. Too many people, meh. So, that's one.

I wish for my creativity to come back but I don't know what I'll have to do to make that happen :D

I wish for a Rory Slippery/Tony Stonem crossover which... omg. So, Rory Slippery is baby!Benedict Cumberbatch in a show with Hugh Laurie. He's one of 3 brothers and he's incredibly NICE, but also has 2 brothers so he can hold his own. I just really wanna hug him a lot. And buy him some more clothes. He's dating this chick who seems like the kind of person who could know Tony. (Tony Stonem is the main character from Skins 1 and 2. He's very bad boy but then he gets better, mostly after he gets hit by a bus.) I don't even have a prompt yet I just want ... kissing and... stuff. That's two.

I also wish people wrote more Nicholas Hoult RPF because seriously, but that's another one of those not likely to happen.

I wish someone would write asexual-but-into-bdsm-Spencer/Brendon/Bob so I can stop thinking about it and start wank... reading it.

I wish I knew how to write about music in an engaging way so I could get people to listen to stuff they normally might not consider. Then I'd have an intensely popular music blog and Patrick would call me out for a beer. ... Shuttup it's all perfectly logical in my head.

ETA: Oh! Oh! And I want a fic where Gibbs (NCIS) adopts that gay kid whose dad killed the recruiter. (This episode.)

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So, this one is a long time coming :)

Yes, I'm in the capital now, came here two days ago, am still getting to know it, but on Monday I'm leaving again (Slovenia first, then Germany) and I won't be back here for another month so it's a bit of a foreplay really :)

I'm thinking this post will be all about fandoms. 13 mid-sized images under cuts.

I think The Jeff Project about Spencer's dad is actually sweet. Spencer doesn't have to see it if he doesn't want to (hopefully no one is throwing it in his face) but there is support out there and he can know if he wants to. I hope his dad is ok.

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I heard that one song off Patrick's upcoming album and I like it, musically. We'll see how I like the whole album when it comes out. I'm interested in your opinions on his new look. Because, while I find his new hair ridiculous, his face, omg. Be 12 Patrick, sure, that makes me feel good.

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Sherlock (BBC) has been moved to 2012 :( That's ok... I can wait... :(
But then, this happened, so, whatever:

Gay married. )


Cabin Pressure started on rocky grounds for me this season because of a lot of Martin misery, but they fixed it well and I completely loved the last episode.

More Benedict really. )


Jon Richardson is a British comedian that I want to keep in my pocket forever. He wrote a non-comedic book about (lack of) relationships and OCPD in his life and it's heartbreaking and lovely. I most recommend it.


“Let me witness the success of a moral person any day of the week over the success of a twat - show me an England football team filled with players who give their money to charity and congratulate their opponents and I will applaud their ten-nil defeat in a way I could never applaud a narrow one-nil victory by a bunch of greedy, philandering morons. Struggle to do something right and I will help you; profit in selfishness and I will hope you die. That’s the line, right there.”

“The sea is there to remind us what insignificant pieces of shit we all are. When you start to worry about death and how the world will cope without you, the sea roars its laughter down on the sands of your concern and tells you that it will be around long after you and was here long before you. You have to be old enough to appreciate this, having acquired intelligence and perspective not to misinterpret this as a threat, rather than the arm across the shoulder it really is. ‘Don’t worry old friend. The sands over which you walk are made up of the very bones of things that once, like you, worried about what would become of them. Now you can carry them away with you in your shoes and they find their way into the corners of your kitchen and bury themselves deep into your living toom carpet. They have no more to worry about, but I am here still.’”

Picture quote that makes your heart cry. )

Also have some pics of him being adorable:
Look )

He had a very homoerotic friendship with Russell Howard at one point, but alas they seem to be at odds at the moment. I await their reconciliation and in the meantime I have hours of flirty podcasts to hold me over. 

Generally speaking though, I'm torn on British comedians. And, well, comedians in general. They tend to say a lot of misogynistic and racist shit but it's "all ok because it's humor." I don't really think it is ok. So, there are things about them I love, and then things I cringe at.


"It doesn't matter where you came from, it matter where you go
no one gets remembered for the things they didn't do."

Frank Turner's album "England Keep My Bones" is a wonderful album you should listen to :)

Now then, I gave you a book and an album, hope this makes up for all the time I've been away :)


Baby elephant:

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