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May. 16th, 2014 10:11 pm
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I know we live in a Sid/Geno and PK/Price world, but have you considered.... PK/Sid?

Sid is ridiculously fond of PK, and isn't afraid to show it. PK doesn't even bother being coy about how much he loves Sid. Hasn't since day one really. (I will provide evidence, hush.)

Now, the media will tell you I'm making shit up because Sid is a good Canadian rule riding robot (lololol) and PK is the wild child who doesn't respect his seniors and doesn't play the game white, excuse me, right enough.

Everyone was super upset when he dared chirp Sid on ice, Don Cherry probably cried because black people are allowed to play hockey and I don't even know how Pierre lives with himself now that he let PK kiss him after he offended his favorite so harshly. Btw is you look at that link with the shots of PK chirping Sid, you can see exactly how many fucks Sid is giving. His field is barren.
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I have no idea if the cut will work, as always with this code, so here's hoping.

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I want to introduce you to two guys I'm kinda starting to obsess over at the moment. They are awkward and overly serious and faily and BRILLIANT at their work. You know how I love that, and I know some of you do too, so I'm sharing it with you.

Sidney Crosby (1987)

Jonathan Toews (1988)

So the way I understand it is, when Brilliant Hockey Players turn 11 they get a Hockwarts letter and are taken from their homes and families and put into a rink where they play hockey and never socialize with anyone ever until they are 30 and then they retire. Idk, I'm new to this fandom but it seems factual enough.

Vids, some pics, a gif and me ranting in no order )

And, if you find anything about Sidney even a bit interesting, I have a fic that you might love if you like domestic schmoop and can also handle the surrealism of everyone in the world (of hockey) being pro-gay-yay. Taken by the Sea is Sidney/OMC, long, wonderful and I love it with a passion of a thousand burning suns.


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