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I didn't forget about this meme, I have 16 next posts planed, I'm just a lazy lazy ass.

Anyway, random photo just to get you to visit the whole "gallery".

Sergey Larenkov is a genius artist who blends old, mostly ww2, photos with modern ones in the exact same place where the originals were taken. It's as close as I get to time travel. I tend to stare at them for hours.  
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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. 
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Mo'Horizons is a German DJ duo. Wiki says it best: Their music can be described as a mixture of downtempo, acid-jazz, nu jazz, soul, funk, dub, trip hop, big beat, bossa nova, boogaloo and drum'n'bass. 

Alive Tonight is my favorite of theirs and one of my favorite songs ever. Like, if I ever make a list of my 100 favorite songs, it would be on it. It has a slow buildup, then some weirdness in the middle, than it just goes awesome by the end. 
Yes, it's almost 8 minutes long. :) 

Listen and download links )
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One big picture under the cut )

Often his art has accompanying text that I find interesting. Like this:

I translate it roughly as "Thus I become the scarecrow of my own fears." 
(Correct me if I'm wrong.) 

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I think I posted this once before, apropos nothing, but here, my favorite poem ever, by Sergej Jesenjin*, one of the last ones before he killed himself.

- also under cut, love story in poems 

Trigger warning for talk of suicide

Let's try the read more, DW )
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I'm doing this, yo! 

Or, well, I'm gonna try to do it. 100 things seems a bit more than I can figure out, but that might just be the point, making myself see all the good things in life.

Unlocked? ... idk. Let's leave it so for now and see.

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Day 13
In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much.

My absolutely favorite bit(s) of canon ever are all the wee!chester scenes we got from Supernatural. I'm always curious about their childhood, I don't think I've ever written with more soul than when I wrote them as kids. Absolute favorite is the high school episode "After School Special" 4.13.

There are 2 reasons why it's my favorite.

First is the episode itself. I never minded Brock, the guy who played Dean, and who doesn't love Colin; and frankly they had a good chemistry. Colin played Sam well, but then, he always did. But Brock played the adoring (bordering on obsessive) big brother spot on. Who has deep meaningful conversations with their brother during lunch breaks? Dean, apparently.
We get it confirmed that Dean was basically Sam's dad throughout his childhood because once again John is awol while they handle their shit.
So, Dean being creepy? Check.
Sam kicking ass? Check.
Sam having issues? Check.
Dean having sex with his mom? Pretty much check.
What's not to love.
It's a really good pre-series episode.
Also the intro scene with the car is just badass.

The second reason is that, cue shameless self-pimp, it pretty much canonizes my A Rock Feels no Pain highschool fic. I used to think that fic had hints of wincest, but after watching the episode I guess it just has hints of canon.

Day 14
This day is to ask for help and I already have a helper on the only fic I'm working on now, which I haven't worked on since Bob's twitter happened, so, if ever I do continue, I don't think they'll mind reading, but in the meantime, I'm just an inactive slob and you should all boo me. That might help :D

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I paused because of day 9 but then decided I should move on and work on 9 when I can. (It's writing a ficlet or doing something creative, and we all know where I stand with that lately...)

Day 10
It is to rec a creator and, well, I'm a consumer. I do fics like drugs, I just care that they satisfy my needs and don't really think about them beyond that. There are just a few creators I know by name, whose works I read with more than just "gimme what I need now" and my favorite is on my flist so this is awkward and I'll put it under a cut.

Blabla )

The end.

day 11:
"In your own space, ask for recs."

Hm, I think... no one can help me with most of what I can't find and what I can find, well, I can, but I will say, if you ever find a Nicholas Hoult fic, rec it to me, I don't care about he pairing :) 

Day 12

"Rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom. Rec a fandom overview, a introductory picspam, stories that define and shape the fandom."

I will go with Sherlock fandom and of course I have to start with The Paradox Suite which is one of the best fics of any fandom. Long, beautiful, with Sherlock a shade darker than in the series and a John just as accepting of all his faults up to a point and their relationship beautifully messed up and morbid and almost sweet.

Then, this meta on modern John Watson and his military career, what it would be in real life.

I wish I knew of a primer but even google isn't helping. It would be awesome to have a place that explains what Colin Morgan has to do with Sherlock and why Mycroft/Lestrade and jam... *sigh*

Instead, have a link to Lestrade being into fat!Mycroft.

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Mah talent! 

Most of my flist knows, but new meme people, hi :D My talent is the super awesome ability to learn languages relatively quickly through pretty much any method. Of course, traveling and living in other countries is the best, but I also learn by reading and listening to music and poking through grammar and watching tv.

Sadly my biggest enemy is laziness and if things aren't going the way I'd like them to (hi, Korean) I'm likely to give up. I'm trying not to though, wish me luck :) 

Ok, so I've been told maybe i can brag about my crossover making skills :) 
I think I manage to "pair" (threesome :D ) up people from different canons in ways that wouldn't be completely horrible... I think :) I think I only did 2 big shipping posts and these are the links:
One &
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The challenge is to rec a story you thought you wouldn't like because "it’s a fandom/pairing/trope/kink/genre/type of fanwork we tend to stay away from" but ended up liking anyway.

Well, I don't read a lot of those because I figure if I don't like I don't like, but, I managed to find 3 stories I did like despite my usual preferences, so yay.

Pressure Drop - by anon - Bradley/Colin (Merlin RPF)
It's about Colin having a kink about pissing himself and being humiliated about it.
Well, I'm not into piss kink in general, like, I'll read it if it's a part of a bigger story, but not as a pwp since it's just... not my kink. And I'm not into humiliation at all, but for some reason I gave this story a shot and ended up liking it.
It has a lot of FEELINGS. I love reading people being passionate about whatever they're doing. And these two are really passionate about this, and also scared and confused and it's all just like a speedball of emotions, UNGH.

2 stories - 2 anons - Martin/Douglas (Cabin Pressure)
These are 2 stories for the same prompt, Martin having to hook himself for money and Douglas finding out.
I hate reading prostitution. I know most my flist knows this but since it's an open post I feel I should explain. I have nothing against people choosing to do it as a way of making a living, I just hate how often it's either not a choice or is the ONLY choice and since I have issues with sex it feels like a horrible choice to have to make for me personally, even though for someone who loves sex or just has no issues with it, it can be a great way of making money.
But, like it or not, even those these characters are cis men, I still project a bit of myself on them and I don't like reading them in a situation that would make me so uncomfortable. I seriously hope I have managed to not offend anyone with this explanation.
Right, ehm, but since there is very little Douglas/Martin fic out there, and also since I like it when stupid actions (like not paying someone) have consequences, I wanted to give these stories a shot. I ended up liking them because I love protective Douglas showing his human side.

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(days 3 and 4 didn't require posts)

Today's challenge is to post something I'm passionate about that isn't fannish. I really don't know if there's something I haven't posted about yet, you all know about my passion for music and languages I think, but, ok, more specifically:

I've been studying Croatian Sign Language for a few months now. It's opening a whole new world to me, not just as a language but as a social issue. Deaf people in Croatia have a lot of problems. For instance, their language isn't recognized as an official language in this country. The only law that even mentions is it the one about TV, where certain political events and I think one set of news a day has to be translated to Sign language.

When a child is first diagnosed as deaf, it is sent to our main Alliance for Deaf whose name I haven't translated even remotely well, who hold authority over all other Deaf organizations and they BAN Sign language, instead forcing the kids to hold their hands behind their back and pronounce words they can't hear. (This method is ok for some kids, with bad hearing, but for the completely deaf it's horrible.)  Also, they are being taught this by linguists, not speech therapists.
The main problem is it's not an added method it's the ONLY method. Parents who want to communicate with their children have to study Sign language secretly, but most of them won't even try it because the doctors at that Alliance tell them, when they first come, that if their kid learns the Sign language it might never learn to speak (therefore integrate with the rest of society) and they aren't responsible for anything that happens to the child as a result of learning that language.
Of course, that Alliance is very important and they co-finance the implants and have connections with all kinds of other organizations that parents actually need. Also, they are the place where the DOCTORS send parents who have probably never even thought about that problem before and they just don't know better and unless they do their own research (and sometimes even when they do) they just don't know better and will follow, well, blindly.
It all ends with an 18yo deaf kid coming out of that Alliance, starting a life of their own which includes meeting new people for the first time and realizing that hearing people can't understand them anyway (because most of us can't, it sucks but it's true) and he can't communicate with the deaf ones because he doesn't know their language.

To put the Alliance aside and continue with general problems - when a child is given a Cochlear implant, even though it has to take it out every time it goes swimming etc, the child is considered "cured" and no longer gets the social aid deaf people normally get.

To be integrated into a class of hearing kids, a deaf kid doesn't have to have a professor or classmates who know how to sign or even be able to hear with an implant, all they have to be able to do is pronounce sentences. Which to me has 0 logic.

Also, despite the fact that Baby signs are now a hip thing to do, Sign language when used by deaf people is still considered shameful. And, in a wham of brilliance, when Croatian kindergartens started teaching Baby signs, they started teaching AMERICAN Sign Language. Just to make sure deaf people stay completely isolated, I guess.

So, yeah, that's a new passion I have.

The language itself is beautiful, and is teaching me to do something I don't normally do, which is show emotions on my face. And ok, these are strict, grammatical-meaning emotions, but you don't understand how incredibly cool I am :P :) It's a bit of a struggle, but I like it. Also, my poor arms : / Ever since we did the whole 100 numbers count I've been exercising because when we got to 50 I wanted to cry.

The teacher doesn't let us speak during class and rarely explains signs after we're done. It's a pretty good method, she's keeping it at good pace and so far I understood, after some repetition, everything she wanted us to learn.
Except "good evening" :D She had to write that one down on the board because after 2 months we were still not getting it :D 

Oh, she's not deaf, but her family is. In fact, there are very few deaf people in the country (none that I know of but I'm assuming there are SOME) who are actually educated to TEACH Sign language. Almost all other teachers are deaf people who know Sign language and they teach a sort of modified version, not really explaining the facial expressions because it's one of those things they do naturally and can't really explain, the kind of thing we all have with our first language.
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Recs time!

Miles Away by anemptymargin - This one was actually written for me, I hope that's ok. It's Martin Freeman/Simon Amstell (British RPF) which is my favorite rare pairing. And by rare I mean this author and I are the only ones shipping it :P :D But, you should all check out the author in general, because she writes beautifully and a lot of rare pairings and small fandoms.

Drink series by marginaliana - This is a Vampire!David Mitchell/Charlie Brooker AU that I LOVE.
Sounds crackish but it's actually hot (if you don't mind some bloodplay) and angsty and SOMEHOW they are completely in character! How!? IDK.
I haven't read everything by this author but I know they write more David/Charlie (British comedian PRF) and it's all good, so check it out if you're interested.

Missing Persons by Dira Sudis - Warning for violence and dub-con incest, in that way that fictional sex can sometimes be dub-con.
Don Eppes/Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs.
Charlie is kidnapped and Don... saves him. It's really long and dark and I loved reading it but more than that it's been stuck in my head ever since then, almost like it replaced some of the canon. Beautifully written, of course; I think a lot of people actually know about this author, but the pairing is somewhat rare.

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Not-a-fic I will (probably) never write. Intro to characters

My favorite fic I ever wrote. It's LONG and complex-ish, for my writing at least, and I got amazing comments on it here and where it was originally posted.

soundtrack meme I did, I'm not sure the links are working now but I'm not gonna be home to update them before the 5th :/ Still, you can see the songs I used and if anyone likes, I can re-upload when I go home.


May. 6th, 2011 04:36 pm
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All fanmixes under the cut, that's... 12 not overly large pics. The meme-photos will be posted some time later or tomorrow :) 

Cut for length )
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Snagged from [ profile] lavendergaia and [ profile] opheliahyde .

1. I have picked 10 female and 10 male celebs I find attractive (in no particular order).
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the ONE girl and ONE guy you find the least attractive (not so much who you LIKE, but who you find hot.)
3. After 24 hours, the poll will be closed and the man and woman with the most votes will be disqualified. There will then be a new poll with the remaining contestants.
4. After ten days, there will be two winners!

Pics and poll under the cut. Warning for MCR and Panic! boys. )
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1 While in the merry month of May from my home I started Rocky Road to Dublin - The Young Dubliners version
2 Waste my life trying to do what's right Tomorrow's Date - How I Became the Bomb
Read more... )
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More snagged from [ profile] afterxbirth :

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (unless the first line reveals the song title) from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. (House rule: Skip instrumentals.)
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and song title correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google is cheating!

25 lines :) )


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