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I paused because of day 9 but then decided I should move on and work on 9 when I can. (It's writing a ficlet or doing something creative, and we all know where I stand with that lately...)

Day 10
It is to rec a creator and, well, I'm a consumer. I do fics like drugs, I just care that they satisfy my needs and don't really think about them beyond that. There are just a few creators I know by name, whose works I read with more than just "gimme what I need now" and my favorite is on my flist so this is awkward and I'll put it under a cut.

Blabla )

The end.

day 11:
"In your own space, ask for recs."

Hm, I think... no one can help me with most of what I can't find and what I can find, well, I can, but I will say, if you ever find a Nicholas Hoult fic, rec it to me, I don't care about he pairing :) 

Day 12

"Rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom. Rec a fandom overview, a introductory picspam, stories that define and shape the fandom."

I will go with Sherlock fandom and of course I have to start with The Paradox Suite which is one of the best fics of any fandom. Long, beautiful, with Sherlock a shade darker than in the series and a John just as accepting of all his faults up to a point and their relationship beautifully messed up and morbid and almost sweet.

Then, this meta on modern John Watson and his military career, what it would be in real life.

I wish I knew of a primer but even google isn't helping. It would be awesome to have a place that explains what Colin Morgan has to do with Sherlock and why Mycroft/Lestrade and jam... *sigh*

Instead, have a link to Lestrade being into fat!Mycroft.

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Because I'm playing in so many now, I want to make a list.

70ish pics, out of that some 10 are mid-sized gifs. )


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