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 This is so amazing I love it there are no words sdjkfkajfd

Is it weird that in the week when Iron Man 3 trailer happens this is my favorite video? Oh well. That one was good too. :D

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 Enemies 5ever, obviously. 

Cut for gif. Deer cat, pluz wurk. )

ETA: This whole thing is like a study in Sidney/Alex. We have Sid in a suit, which is shockingly not a three piece I guess, buttoned up, tie all propper, standing still for like 99% of this, just, NOT MOVING AT ALL. And then there's Alex, no tie, unbuttoned, CAN'T STOP MOVING, touching his nose, looking around, shifting, fidgeting.  
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Part 1

24. January 2007 is also when an All-Star game happened in which Ovechkin and Sidney played together. And they lost, but fun was had.

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This is my first primer ever and I'm absolutely brand new in hockey fandom (seriously, I still don't know half of the rules of the game). But I had a hard time figuring out the timeline of his life (which as we all know is very important) so I decided to make a handy list and then it grew. For fandom purposes I'm callingueg this a primer. :P
What that also means is that I'll probably add to this every now and then, and also this will be long. LONG.

I think competence is a major turnon and reading all the awards he picked up is kinda like reading porn for me, but there's so many of them that I'll just occasionally list the few fun ones and the rest you can read on wikipedia.

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Part 2
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 I just know there are thousands of stories about them but I'm not finding any online. Does anyone have any Sidney related things?
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 Ugh, can we talk about how this actually happened? He was a tiny wee amazing baby and parents of others players threatened him until he had to switch schools? Who does that?

Also a lack of primer on him makes me cry and I want to fix it but new fandom and what if I fuck it up.
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ACTUAL TITLE: Crosby Toews Vidspam DW wouldn't let me post.

Crosby at Entry Draft

Baby Crosby being a baby.
If you're 30 seconds in and you're thinking "I've watched this porn," you're me.
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