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This week's themes were Nicholas Hoult and Spencer/Dallon+Brendon.

If you don't know who Nicholas Hoult is, lemme show you :)
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So, this one is a long time coming :)

Yes, I'm in the capital now, came here two days ago, am still getting to know it, but on Monday I'm leaving again (Slovenia first, then Germany) and I won't be back here for another month so it's a bit of a foreplay really :)

I'm thinking this post will be all about fandoms. 13 mid-sized images under cuts.

I think The Jeff Project about Spencer's dad is actually sweet. Spencer doesn't have to see it if he doesn't want to (hopefully no one is throwing it in his face) but there is support out there and he can know if he wants to. I hope his dad is ok.

Bden )

I heard that one song off Patrick's upcoming album and I like it, musically. We'll see how I like the whole album when it comes out. I'm interested in your opinions on his new look. Because, while I find his new hair ridiculous, his face, omg. Be 12 Patrick, sure, that makes me feel good.

Patrick )

Sherlock (BBC) has been moved to 2012 :( That's ok... I can wait... :(
But then, this happened, so, whatever:

Gay married. )


Cabin Pressure started on rocky grounds for me this season because of a lot of Martin misery, but they fixed it well and I completely loved the last episode.

More Benedict really. )


Jon Richardson is a British comedian that I want to keep in my pocket forever. He wrote a non-comedic book about (lack of) relationships and OCPD in his life and it's heartbreaking and lovely. I most recommend it.


“Let me witness the success of a moral person any day of the week over the success of a twat - show me an England football team filled with players who give their money to charity and congratulate their opponents and I will applaud their ten-nil defeat in a way I could never applaud a narrow one-nil victory by a bunch of greedy, philandering morons. Struggle to do something right and I will help you; profit in selfishness and I will hope you die. That’s the line, right there.”

“The sea is there to remind us what insignificant pieces of shit we all are. When you start to worry about death and how the world will cope without you, the sea roars its laughter down on the sands of your concern and tells you that it will be around long after you and was here long before you. You have to be old enough to appreciate this, having acquired intelligence and perspective not to misinterpret this as a threat, rather than the arm across the shoulder it really is. ‘Don’t worry old friend. The sands over which you walk are made up of the very bones of things that once, like you, worried about what would become of them. Now you can carry them away with you in your shoes and they find their way into the corners of your kitchen and bury themselves deep into your living toom carpet. They have no more to worry about, but I am here still.’”

Picture quote that makes your heart cry. )

Also have some pics of him being adorable:
Look )

He had a very homoerotic friendship with Russell Howard at one point, but alas they seem to be at odds at the moment. I await their reconciliation and in the meantime I have hours of flirty podcasts to hold me over. 

Generally speaking though, I'm torn on British comedians. And, well, comedians in general. They tend to say a lot of misogynistic and racist shit but it's "all ok because it's humor." I don't really think it is ok. So, there are things about them I love, and then things I cringe at.


"It doesn't matter where you came from, it matter where you go
no one gets remembered for the things they didn't do."

Frank Turner's album "England Keep My Bones" is a wonderful album you should listen to :)

Now then, I gave you a book and an album, hope this makes up for all the time I've been away :)


Baby elephant:

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This was supposed to be just a Viking!Bob picspam. But as I was arranging the pics I kept thinking about the Viking!Bob/Bard!Patrick fic that I'll never have the time to write, and decided to sort of summarize it here. With photos. (Majority of the photos are click to make bigger because I reduced them all to 300px W, but they're not particularly revolutionary anyway :) )
Cut for 100 pics )

More stuff

Sep. 12th, 2010 11:41 am
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Sunday. I need to go and sleep some more and then study. Before I can do that though, this week on tumblr! 

A video (Bob) and 14 unresized pics )


Sep. 6th, 2010 03:52 am
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I'm being an observer more than a participator online atm because of real life. So if I forgot to reply a comment or something, I'm sorry. I will go back through my mail once real life panic is over and check.

In the meantime though, I found some things on tumblr that I want to share. Have a few pics.

I didn't resize so cut for huge and a gif )
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Everyone go read this cute post about Brendon and Spencer now pls! :) 

Made icons

Jul. 1st, 2010 10:21 pm
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now that I learned to avoid photoshop by any means necessary.

A few userpics and a vickyT photo )
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"Ross was the Talent
Urie was the Face."

I read these two reviews on young_veins. They were positive. They made me happy about Ryan and Jon. That's JON, no H. One of the reviewers didn't seem to be able to grasp that. 
But then they said those two lines up there and I just. Yeah, there was this tiny sec of pride for Ryan because I<3URyRo!1!!eleventy!! 
Can't Ryan AND Brendon have talent? Can't Spencer be a good drummer and Jon a good bassist and can't they make awesome music together but also apart? Seriously, no one wants them to realize their lives are meaningless without each other and get back together, as much as I do. But lines are being crossed. 

In other news, Happy Easter and all that Jazz :) 


Mar. 3rd, 2010 12:23 pm
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This is a picspam of happy things which make me happy. Not to be confused with hot things which make me happy or hot things which make me happy iykwim.
You might recognize some of these themes :P

Cut for 70ish pics, NONE of them mine, resized or particularly huge :)  )


Mar. 1st, 2010 01:13 pm
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 LOOK AT HIS SMILE!! And his hands :) (Old photo is old, whatev, I love it)

And then I made icons, because why not. 
*cut for icons, not that there's a lot of them but, eh )
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I've been catching up on the videos, especially Spencer and Brendon ones and they are so adorable :D Well, Brendon is adorable, Spencer is bored and cooler than you :)

And Cobra Starship (i think) guys listening to The Young Veins and pretty new pictures of Patrick and Bob =

Some very important stuff came from all this catching up:

1) Brendon/Wolverine OTP (The Hugh Jackman version, of course)

2) Bob.

Seriously [ profile] daily_ryan , [ profile] daily_patrick and [ profile] daily_bob are communities that make me happiest :) They're so simple, just a pic or spam every day :) Yay :)

3) I had a moment of complete and total insanity when Brendon said "Oh yeah, I watch Community" where my brain went "SO DO I! IT'S LIKE WE'RE CONNE..." and then sanity kicked in again. But it was a close call. I could feel Spencer glare at me disapprovingly. It was like we were conne... shit. *g*

Also, found this website, which is so fing cool. ( for various reasons but mostly because it has this:
2004 - August - 11th - Gerard quits drugs and alcohol
2004 - August - 18th - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The Trocadero with Face To Face; Bob Bryar's first show

And I saw some of you reccing old and new fics and I'm gonna get on those next :)
ETA: I don't read Bob/Ray. I know, sacrilege, but I'm 'meh' about Ray and I pair Bob up with Patrick. (Which, btw, I got a shiny fic written for me here by [ profile] firedragon9 :) ) And I think this pairing is epic not only because I really like them both, heh, but also because the fights would be amazing :D Bob would be all "whatever" and Patrick would huff and puff and then they could be ridiculous together. But I'm gonna go read a Bob/Ray now because I like the summary and I'm all about Bob getting some :)

In TMI warning section, watched gay porn which featured a Unicorn of its own, a happy bottom. So rare to see the bottom stay hard all through the sex in porn, it was awesome. Not as awesome as my OTP of porn land, but close enough :)

No LJ cut... because I'm an evil spammer :)
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Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy
I can't show it to you, even under flock, my family would freak if it ever came out at all, but, well, I saved a lot of old photos from my family and there's one of my grandpa as a kid, he's wearing the Oliver Twist garment (not as a Halloween gig). Hat, coat, old boots and a scarf. (Seriously, Ryan Ross would be jealous.) He's tiny, adorable and probably starved, but, well, those were the times. I grin like crazy every time I see it.
So, instead, here, have some Patrick being adorable by, y'know, BREATHING.

Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad
Pretty much any photo by James Nachtway makes me sad, he's my favorite war photographer. But mostly it's a photo from this sequence. I can't find it online but I have it printed out (and on my wall, yeah, I'm that kind of freaky; when my friend comes to sleep over she covers all the walls first.) Photo was taken in Grozny, Chechnya and supposedly, but there is no proof, the kid's parents were killed a few minutes before it was taken. Sorry I don't have it bigger.


And! Spencer gave an interview! And talked about Ryan. And I want them back together! What? No, I'm totally over that childish bull. Let's move on. *hugs Spencer* You're too cool for me.
ETA: OH! WAIT! I wanted to show you another Patrick video! He's too adorable for words. No, really! He's reading the lyircs from his phone as he sings. *squ..*
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It's crappy-times irl and I just neded something pretty, huge and goofy. So I made me this. And I will now scroll up and down and grin. It deviates from bandom just a bit but Dean and me, that's true love, I can't make a happyspam without him. And the positions are totally random, except for the first one.
Some of these really should be click to make bigger... but they aren't, they are just huge. So, yeah, if you wanna look, be careful 'cause some of these are bound to be bigger or just as big as your screen. It's a comfort thing. Frank Iero, first Bob, and Gabe/Pete are click to make even bigger.


*think twice. )


Aug. 27th, 2009 12:30 pm
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Most of these are more icon bases than fun/witty icons on their own but I dunno, I'm feeling minimalist...y :)  

(the) Young Veins & Panic! at the Disco:
(they might be separated atm but they are still screwing us with the names)
37 icons... )

And, ok, I couldn't NOT do it:

* *


Aug. 27th, 2009 01:16 am
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Fjlkkljsda jnksdjan kfjasjasdkljsd !!!!aksljkdasj!!!!! fakjskdjfn. Asdfa sasdjfn askjkcx vkxjn cjn oap sjd aljknjkln. 
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 I love how I almost never agree with anyone on patd :D 

I think the video for New Perspective made the song like... brazillion times better :D 
I love how Spencer almost cracks up at one point, and how cool their walk is even though they probably tried to be a little cheesy. I dunno, I'm a sucker for reservoir dogs... and the ending is just hilarious and kinda my-life-like. Whenever there's bad shit happening, I always like to pretend I'm all cool going through it. And, much like them, I fail spectacularly. 

And, sorry Brendon and Spencer, I didn't pay for it. Though, in my defense, there's no way for me to pay for it either. We'll all just have to wait for the album, ok? :/

BTW Spencer Smith could you be any hotter? You make it very hard for me not to objectify you. *nod* "But officer! He clearly WANTED it! Did you SEE what he was wearing!?" AKA Restraining order is just another way to say 'I love you.'
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 Spencer Smith would like you to have a golfgasm.

I love it when I come home from icky work that I don't even get paid for (hi family, we should talk about this) and there are pretty pictures waiting for me that aren't so huge they swallow all of my BW. It's like a little christmas every time. 


Aug. 3rd, 2009 09:44 pm
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"Gotta work on my kind of's"

OMG. Spencer Smith reads and analyzes his own inteviews. Be more awesome. I dare you.  


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