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So yesterday I asked for a 3 sentences prompt and Ema said Steve/Bucky hockey AU and now this happened.


Steve is Captain Serious. I'm sorry for making you American, Toews :(( but this is Steve's AU.
Tony is his Kaner, aka his party-hard-play-harder womanizing, mildly self destructive, dickish, almost-better-half on ice. Bruce and Thor are their Seabs and Duncs, the defense guys (or as hockey calls them, D-men) who give each other their teeth as presents (real life thing that actually happened). Together, they saved hockey in Chicago.
Bucky and Steve played together from Peewee till they got drafted, so about 7 years, and they hoped against the odds they would get to play together but, Steve got picked by Chicago Blackhawks and Bucky by Vancouver Canucks. (There's a rivalry there, I didn't pick these by accident!)
They tried to stay friends, but things got ugly often and it was hard to maintain a friendship with someone (Bucky) who ugly-hit your right hand guy, made him skip 8 games and then told media he landed a good hit.
But then the Olympics come and Steve and Bucky both get picked, and more importantly, Steve gets the captaincy (oh god I'm so sorry hypothetical Sid) and Bucky gets the A (alternative, assistant). Luckily they aren't on the same line, but they are bunking together. Steve is constantly torn between wanting his best friend back, cracking jokes with Bucky like they were never apart and leaning into him way too much and smiling at him for too long, and on the other hand not liking the kind of player he is now and what that means for him off the ice. He has no idea what Bucky is even thinking because he is being a sarcastic little shit and sometimes hurtful but mostly he is clinging on just as hard as Steve is, touching and smiling and hugging more than society approves of and hunting down and beating up Russians and Latvians (on ice!) who dare try to check Steve.
Drama drama, sexual tension, shirtless workouts and baths, sleepless nights in the same room and silent wanking, barely beating the Fins Steve giving inspiring speeches while their coach stands on the side and shrugs because everyone fucking loves Steve and they'll go into fire for him, hockey stuff. Canada wins. (LOL SORRY)
Thor is Norwegian but Loki was adopted and he chose his homeland when he was in his rebel years so now he's playing for Russia and also in Vancouver with Bucky. So at one point he spills to Thor who tells Tony who tells Steve, that Bucky isn't Vancouver's favorite because when he was a tiny baby hatchling that just got drafted he was making noises about transferring and he may or may not have mentioned Chicago in a drunken rant.
So after they lose they are just thinking about drinking their silver medal away and Steve asks Bucky about what Loki said. Angry Bucky admits to Steve that he was at first incredibly sad (not the words he uses) that he didn't get to play with Steve in the NHL, like so sad he got drunk a few times and moaned about getting a transfer within a month of being picked by Vancouver and it didn't make him a lot of friends on the team, but then Steve and Tony started rocking the league together and there was no place for Bucky on Steve's team, metaphorically speaking, and he was jealous and surrounded by teammates that were like "fuck you and your boyfriend, bro." And he had to prove himself extra hard on the team and if checking Tony through the fucking boards was what helped settle his position on the team, he wouldn't spill any tears doing it.
Then Steve says something like "There is always room for you on my team!" and they make out and things get better except they have to learn to use skype and travel a lot and sometimes it's still hard but they'll retire at 30 anyway probably and be rich as hell so they don't really care, what's five more years of camsex in the grand scheme of things. But then Bucky gets traded to Red Wings (which is Detroit, so way closer) and life gets sweet.
As for other players:
Bruce is also on the US team.
Natasha is the captain of the Canadian team BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT. Tony is on her team, yep, I'm making him Canadian too. Come at me. So instead of going out and having sex with the hot figure skaters of all genders Tony is stuck sneaking into the US camp in the middle of the night to talk about Steve's feelings and he is so fucking done.

And so am I. Ema is never allowed to message me prompts ever again. Goodbye.

PS: I tried to put this all under a cut but dw is not letting me and I don't have time to edit everything now so *shrug*


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