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The man is not big on showing emotions. That's why some of these are less... emotion specific :P than I like :) But it's not like I have him crying in "happy" moods :) 

Colors in this example are probably too bright. That's because Photoshop hates me, but the moods weren't done in Photoshop so they are ok.

Link to the moods and adminconsolecodes.txt in a .rar is here, and the only thing I changed in the codes list are the pic sizes, 100x70. 
Best instructions still be here.
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Soo, it is done. Here be sample:

.rar with all moods and adminconsolecodes.txt is here.
The best explanation I ever found for uploading moodthemes is here.

Ryan moodtheme is here. They can be mixed of course, just remember that in Ryan's moodtheme dimensions of "relieved" are 135x70 so if you use that one you have to change it in the adminconsolecodes or the pic will be distorted.  

Have fun.

And one thing that isn't about this moodtheme but all moodthemes ever. In LJ "pissed off" has space between words. Image-uploading websites generally don't like that. Some will smush them together to "pissedoff" some will add %20 (pissed%20off) etc. So, when uploading moodthemes... make sure your "pissed off" mood is linked properly :)
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I did it! I tried it on my other LJ, the paid account and it WORKS! (So basically if you wanna see how it looks used check out

And here's a few examples too. They are all 100x70 except for one, and they are all from the Pretty.Odd era except for 3, those were too perfect in their own right :)

.rar with all moods and adminconsolecodes.txt is here.
And the best explanation I ever found for uploading moodthemes is here.

If anyone does use this, pls let me know? :) Also, if you have any problems. 


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