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1. The Northern Crowns have a tour and a full band and they will be playing music live... somewhere :) YAYYAYYAY! :D

2. Why was this not in my life before?

3. And this:


4. Patrick is a ballerina :)
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So, remember The Northern Crowns? I mentioned them a while back. They've had a new song out for a while now and I've been hanging on their myspace (I'm trying not to rip anything yet because I'm NICE like that. I only steal from rich people... and give to myself) listening to the music and y'know what... I like them. Now I'm really hoping they make it and there's a full album I can listen to.
Also, I think the drummer sings too. (ETA: And he quotes Ryan Ross/The Young Veins. Always a win.)

Random Patrick is random. Or is he...


The point is... someone get them a label so I can have new music, pls?
See, I'm even making a new tag for them. Yup.

ETAII: Actually, I dislike Amazon but I'm considering this... It's not even 5$, even I can afford it... I just don't have a WAY to pay for it. Dear country, meet Amazon... please cooperate?
It takes you a month to ship it here? Really? I could talk to the band and persuade them to come here and have them actually do it and play in my fing living room IN A MONTH. *facepalm* I need to find another source. And, this "doing stuff legaly" thing sucks, just so you all know. At least Panic I was able to find here. If in only one store...
ETAn: Oh! to the rescue :) Awesome :) now I just have to hope I know someone with an internet-shopping card :) Which I think I do.


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