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"Create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts."

Hm, things I want...

Well, I want more friends who are into Simon Amstell and British TV and Cabin Pressure, who aren't just Tumblr dwellers. The problem is I want them without actually immersing myself into the fandom because honestly, I'm getting as tired of fandom masses as I am of real life masses. Too many people, meh. So, that's one.

I wish for my creativity to come back but I don't know what I'll have to do to make that happen :D

I wish for a Rory Slippery/Tony Stonem crossover which... omg. So, Rory Slippery is baby!Benedict Cumberbatch in a show with Hugh Laurie. He's one of 3 brothers and he's incredibly NICE, but also has 2 brothers so he can hold his own. I just really wanna hug him a lot. And buy him some more clothes. He's dating this chick who seems like the kind of person who could know Tony. (Tony Stonem is the main character from Skins 1 and 2. He's very bad boy but then he gets better, mostly after he gets hit by a bus.) I don't even have a prompt yet I just want ... kissing and... stuff. That's two.

I also wish people wrote more Nicholas Hoult RPF because seriously, but that's another one of those not likely to happen.

I wish someone would write asexual-but-into-bdsm-Spencer/Brendon/Bob so I can stop thinking about it and start wank... reading it.

I wish I knew how to write about music in an engaging way so I could get people to listen to stuff they normally might not consider. Then I'd have an intensely popular music blog and Patrick would call me out for a beer. ... Shuttup it's all perfectly logical in my head.

ETA: Oh! Oh! And I want a fic where Gibbs (NCIS) adopts that gay kid whose dad killed the recruiter. (This episode.)

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Because I'm playing in so many now, I want to make a list.

70ish pics, out of that some 10 are mid-sized gifs. )

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This week's themes were Nicholas Hoult and Spencer/Dallon+Brendon.

If you don't know who Nicholas Hoult is, lemme show you :)
25ish photos and 5ish gifs  )


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